It's Not What You Think!

What's been right in front of us the whole time

Beware of the Testing.

Over the years, we have idolized the Testing as a great way to guarantee them a wondrous future at the University. But it seems as if our own government has been keeping secrets. We have learned what actually happens during the Testing, and you will soon know as well. These candidate are first given a test to take within a time limit, so far so good, but as it they continue, they are faced with life-threatening challenges. Including ranking plants from most poisonous to least, and then are made to try them. Making one mistake will lead to the end of their lives. Many are driven by the pressure to make it into the University and to not fail, have begun to sabotage and kill their other opponents.

What Really Occurs During the Testing

It's time to put our government to the test!

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Do You Really Know the Government?

Why should you trust the government? Our government has never put anything in our best interests. Our government sits around while innocent kids die. Our government only gives certain kids the chance to reach their full potential. Our government forces kids to go to a place they may not want to go. Our government tricks our kids. Our government tricks us! So why should we trust them? The answer is simple: we can't. We cannot believe what they tell us. So we must stop this madness before anything gets worse! The more they try to hide things the more we know that they're hiding something.

Take Action!

We need to work together to stop the suffering of thousands of children annually! Just imagine your child being taken taken away from you and sentenced to death! If we have any chance of ending the Testing, we need to work together! Together we can rebel against the system and create a world where no child is forced to fight to death. And you will get to see your child's smiling face every day. Don't let the government take control of you!