Annie Malone

First African-American Female Entrepreneur Millionaire

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Annie Minerva Turnbo Malone was born in Metropolis, Illinois to former slaves Robert Turnbo and Isabella Cook Turnbo. She was the tenth out of 11 children and when her parents died she lived with her older sister in Peoria, Illinois. As a child she was very sick and missed much of school. So Annie didnt get the chance to finish high school but a life she'd never knew was coming her way. She became a Entrepreneur at a young age.

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Quote in Mind

All though her failure tarnished her image and her former employee Madame C.J Walkers success overshadowed her Malone deserves more credit for her devotion to helping African Americans gain financial independence and her generous donations to educational, civic, and social causes. She had no quotes herself however she lived by famous quotes created by others. Such as Madame C.J Walkers quotes say " I got my start by giving myself a starts".


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Annie's philanthropy legend still lives on....

On May 10, 1957, Annie Turnbo Malone (87 years of age) was treated for a stroke at Provident Hospital in Chicago where she died. At the time of her death Poro beauty colleges were in operation in more than thirty U.S. cities. St.Louis still honors her memory with the Annie Malone Children and Family service center whose mission is to improve lives and provide social services, educational programs, advocacy and entrepreneurship.

Profession: Entrepreneur

DOB: August 9, 1869—May 10, 1957

Place: Metropolis, Illinois

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