Staff Update: March 6th, 2014

Nuevas Fronteras and Crestview Elementary Schools

Kudos and Celebrations!

  • Congratulations to Hannah Fleming and her husband on the birth of their beautiful daughter! Alma Delilah was born at 8:42, Saturday, March 1st. She was 5 lbs. 14 oz. and 19 inches long with a head full of dark hair!
  • Congratulations to Lori Gillman and Mark Haesly on the new grandbabies! (Ask them for pictures--they're adorable!)
  • A HUGE congratulations to the I-love-to-read Month Team and Angie Sherwood, Linnea Gamache, and Leah Wieseler!
  • Kudos to Amanda Nilles her Second Grade Students! 100% of Mrs. Nilles' class participated in the final week of the reading campaign!
  • High-fives to Katie Raso and the Crestview Student Council for a successful spirit week! Our school hat day raised just over $140 for charity!
  • Happy belated birthday to Lisa LeMay (3/1)! Sorry we missed you last week!!!
  • Happy birthday to Paula Monson (3/7), Tony Reed (3/11), Colleen Burns (3/16), Justine Fredricksen (3/19), Lori Wamstad (3/19) and Nancy Johnson (3/20)! Hooray!

Printing Reminders from the School Office

Tips for efficient and economical use of our printing/copying machinery:

  • The building copiers/printers are intended for limited use: no more than 30 copies of 2 pages (total of 60 per classroom) per day. Any larger print jobs should be sent to the District Print Center for processing. Make one original here, send to the District Print Center for duplication. Plan on 3-5 days turn around.
  • The color printer should be used only for those projects for which color is an essential piece of the instruction being delivered. If multiple copies of any color project need to be produced, make only one on our color printer and send to the District Print Center for duplication.
  • Laminating (which must be sent to the District Print Center) should be limited to those items that will be used multiple times or multiple years in the classroom.
  • Printing which will be picked up by a student should be sent to the Office copier (Ricoh_OFF) only. Please do not send print jobs to the Media Center unless you intend to pick them up yourself.

Please let the Office Staff know if you need assistance with printing jobs.

Capital Outlay Requests for 2014-15

We are now accepting requests for capital outlay items for the 2014-15 school year. A copy of the request will be in each teacher’s mailbox by this Friday, and should be completed and returned to Linda J no later than 4/30/2014. A description of what qualifies as capital outlay is included on the request form. Staff may make additional copies of the form or request additional copies from Linda.

Upcoming Meeting Schedule:

March 12th/13th- SPRING BREAK : )

March 19th/20th- PLCs

March 27th- Staff Meetings (NOTE Change to THURSDAY for Crestview this week- staff teaching Targeted Services are not required to attend!)

NFSI End-of-Day Reminders: Please Read!

• Kindergarten should be the first to dismiss/exit to the buses, close to 3:45.

• 1st grade will follow kindergarten at approximately 3:47.

• Teachers/grade levels who have afternoon duty also dismiss and exit after Kindergarten- teachers who have bus duty should plan to walk the bus line and provide support for students along the sidewalk.

• All other classrooms should wait to dismiss students until after the first bell rings at 3:50.

***NEW: Please communicate with students this week that if they exit the school and their bus is late/has not arrived, that they should RETURN to the school doors. If the weather is friendly, we will line them up on the pavement. If it is raining or dangerously cold, we will work to line students up along the lockers in the hallway as best we can. Thanks!

Next Week at a Glance:

4th grade has bus and door duty next week- thank you sooo much!

Crestview Elementary and Nuevas Fronteras Spanish Immersion




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