By: Preston Motz and Nick Keilson


The Chaparral is located in California, Australia, Northern Africa and Southern Europe. It also occurs in Chile. The Chaparral is usually next to an ocean.
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10-17 Inches of rain each year. During the winter it is 30-50 degrees and during the summer it is 75-100 Degrees. It is very dry causing many forest and wild fires. It gets so hot, there are many fires, but mainly occuring in California. Also, In the Mediterranian it has four distinct seasons.
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Plants Seeds stay dorment until a fire comes to make sure it doesn't die from the common forest fires. Animals have adapted to the drastic changes ins weather from summer to winter. They also have become nocturnal to avoid heat during the day. Oppossum play dead to keep them from being eaten by predators
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The cooper Hawk and Red Hawk have changed their colors to blend in when flying to not be spotted by prey.The Coopers Hawk is closer to the color of the sky than the Red Hawk, making it harder to spot and easier to catch prey.


The gray Fox relies on the California mouse to survive in the chaparral. The California mouse is the Grayfoxes main food source and is the only rodent the gray fox is able to catch.
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Adding A Tiger

New Food Web-

The Tiger would eat the snake, not leaving enough for the Raptor, making there less of them. Then the squirrels would over populate and many of them would die off from not enough food.

Killing the Raptor

The Raptor dying would effect the biome by causing the snakes, lizards and squirrels to overpopulate and the Badger would overpopulate due to too much food. Then the ants would die off from too many predators.
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