Of Mice And Men

By : DaeJon Carter

Novel Summary

Of Mice and Men Is about two men named George and Lennie . They Are The Best of friends . But The Problem is that they are broke and looking for work on a farm . George is the brains behind this operation , while Lennie isn't so much . The Two Cant really keep a job because of Lennie's Childllike mentality . Their co-workers are Candy , Crooks , and Curley . We also learn that Curley Has a wife who cant receive attention from anyone . We also meet Slim and Carlson . Carlson is the one who shot Candy's dog . Curley the falsely accuses Slim of making time with his girl , so he gets into a fight with Lennie-who crushes his hand .

Then Slim , Lennie , Crooks , and Candy are at the ranch talking about their own farm dreams . Curley's wife shows up and teases them for being weak , While others went out . When Crooks tries to get her to leave his room , she explodes , and calls him a "nigger" . Then On a Sunday , Lennie is in a barn and Curley's wife shows up . She offers him to do her hair .She then worries about him messing her hair up , so she tells him to stop and moves . Lennie then panics and again accidentally , breaks her neck and kills her . He ran off in a panic . Then Candy discovers Curley's wife body and tells George . George then kills Lennie without Curley knowing .

The End

Theme Analysis

The Predatory Nature of Human Existence

Of Mice and Men teaches a lesson about the nature of human existence. Nearly all of the characters, including George, Lennie, Candy, Crooks, and Curley’s wife, admit, at one time or another, to having a sense of loneliness and isolation.

"Tha's good," he said. "You drink some, George. You take a good big drink." He smiled happily.

Slim Author Biography

Slim is described always in terms of dignity and majesty. Slim is tall, ageless, and an expert in his job. His voice is the voice of rationalism. Slim is so respected and admired on the ranch that even Curley listens to him. When Lennie smashes Curley's hand, Slim is the one who intercedes and tells Curley he will not have George and Lennie fired.