of my smore posters


I did my posters on three things...

Tim Berners-Lee and the w.w.w

touch screens

and computer moniters

what i could have improved

I think that I should have spent more time producing my poster and therefore would have been able to add more text to make the poster more factual and interesting. I could have also made them a little more colourful but this really depends because I wanted to keep the theme to computers and keep the crowds attention on my written work rather than the background

Target market

I think that now I have finished the posters I think that my target market should be for the teens because although the text is not to complicated I do not think it is quite easy enough to understand for younger kids. I also think if it was for the younger children that the colours would need to take a bigger role to keep there attention. on the other end of the scale I think it isn't enough for the adults. so my ideal target market would be for the teens where the interesting videos and texts would be perfect.

Best Bits

I think the best bits to my posters would be the picture that I chose very carefully. I spent a while picking and choosing the perfect pictures because I believe that that is what draws the eye and it is very important.


Here is some feedback on my posters...

Holly Hunt-this is an amazing piece of work Erin should be very proud of herself. it showed that she took time over her work and thought carefully about the pictures used in this work. the videos show complete geniosity! Erin should do this work for England!!!!! this is an amazballlsssss piece of work.