Child Obesity In Canada

Canadian children are overweight

Has there been issues that your child is becoming over weight?

Hello everyone! I'm Reporter Ashly. I have been researching about child obesity for about 10 years now. Now I want to make a change with my hard work and effort. I written some information about child obesity.

Child obesity is NOT a joke!


"Today's children will be the first generation for some time to have poorer health outcomes and a shorter life expectancy than their parents."

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This picture is showing how kids are becoming obese and this is causing them to have a shorter life span!


I believe this quote is absolutely right. In the 21st century, kids have been eating so many fast foods that it has became an addiction. If they tried to eat something healthy they wouldn't like it because their taste buds are used to salty and sugary food items. Our body needs nutrients to function but instead of eating healthy food items, we are consuming unhealthy foods. Once we consume these unhealthy foods, our body considers it as fat. It just keeps piling up. So without getting any nutrients and only producing fat, you body will eventually get sick and many health issues can be caused like diabetes, heart stroke, cancer and many others. These issues can lead to death. Kids in their young age can suffer through health issues and might die. The quote I have just stated is a very serious matter.

Serious consequences when it comes to obesity !

The Dying Truth: Obesity and Mortality
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And so

To solve this issue, you should have a strict diet. Maybe for a couple of months stop eating fast foods. Try to make home made foods. When you make your own food, you decide how much salt, sugar or how much of anything you want to put in. Whenever you have free time, instead of watching t.v or playing online games, go for a walk or a run. Join a fitness group and exercise. Exercise is a good way to burn your calories and loose your weight.

If you have time, please watch at least a few minutes of this video!

Fast food, Fat profits: Obesity in America

This video summarizes mostly everything about obesity in america, but these issues can happen across the globe!!!