The United States of America

The Evolution of a Nation

The Founding of a Nation

Thanks to 55 delegates at the convention, the Constitution governs the country that we live in. It gives freedoms to everyone and limits the government.

The Founding Fathers

John Adams

Second President of the United States

The Federalist Papers

A collection of 85 essays that were written by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison. These papers were written to convince Americans to adopt the Constitution.

The Federalist Party

Started by Alexander Hamilton in the 1790s. George Washington and John Adams were the only two Federalist Presidents. Hamilton believed in helping the states with their debt and getting rid of the National Debt.


Founded in the 1790s by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Created in order to oppose Hamilton and the Federalists. Wanted strict interpretation of the Constitution. Split into the Democrats and the Whigs.



  • want to be independent of oil
  • Nationalized healthcare
  • increasing taxes
  • pro-choice
  • separation of church and state



  • oppose gun control laws
  • pro-life
  • do not support gay marriage
  • increased spending on the military
  • Judges should make decisions based on the law and the Constitution


Liberals are similar to Democrats, but they are farther left. They believe in a lot of government interference in the lives of the American public.


Conservatives are farther to the right than the Republicans. Conservatives believe in upholding the Constitution, small federal governments, and capitalism.
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The impact of the Parties on the economy

The total debt as a percent of GDP is a way to measure the economy. It hit the highest point it had been during the Clinton Administration, then it went down. It rose during Obama's Administration, and it is still rising. The number of recessions is also a good indicator of the economy of the country. Of the past seven recessions starting in 1965, five of them have occurred when a Republican is president.

Number of Times a Political Party has been in power

  • Federalists - 2 presidents
  • Democratic-Republicans - 4 presidents
  • Whig - 4 presidents
  • Democrats - 15 presidents
  • Republicans - 18 presidents

Ronald Reagan - Republican

How did he impact the country with Republican ideals?

  • 25% tax cut
  • Opposed communism and stood up for capitalism and democracy
  • increased defense spending

Franklin D. Roosevelt - Democrat

How did he impact the country with Democratic ideals?

  • Welfare
  • made the federal government more powerful and involved with the economy