Chavez Lobo Letter

for the week of May 16 --May 20, 2016


Definition-Propriety is a noun, the state or quality of conforming to conventionally accepted standards of behavior or morals.

"Patience and propriety. It was the only graceful thing to do."

Patrick Rothfuss

Mrs. Gipson's Kindergarten Class Publishes a Book

Mrs. Gipson's Kindergarten class published their own book. Below is the process they followed in accomplishing this awesome task!

I first ordered the kit because I knew my class was good at writing and they loved to do it.

I chose a theme: Our Superhero Mommies.

We first talked about what a superhero is and how mommies can be superhero.

Next, I gave them the practice paper for them to write their story.

Then, I conferenced with each student individually. We talked about topic sentences, finger spaces in between words, using capital letters and periods, spelling sight words correctly, using phonetic spelling, making sure their sentences made sense, and conclusion sentences.

Once we were both satisfied with the practice writing, I sat next to each one of them individually again for them to write it in pen! I know scary. That was the hardest part, because there is a good reason why Kindergarteners don't write in pen. Ha Ha!

Then, each student used their markers and drew their picture to match their writing. I chose a few students to do the cover, the title page, and the dedication page.

Finally, I packaged it all up and sent it off to the publisher.

This was probably the most exhilarating and rewarding thing I have ever done as a teacher. None of my students could write a sentence at the beginning of the year. Now they can all write a story. I am beyond proud of each and every one of my students.

Reading Camp

Mrs. Hardin's 3rd grade class was surprised the day after the STAAR test with an in-class Reading Camp. Mrs. Hardin had learning stations set up for the entire class throughout the day. Students read in tents, created their own constellations and read by an outdoor lantern. The only thing missing was a raccoon digging in the trash can for food!


Hi, my name is Sarah Harvey; I am honored to have been chosen as Chavez Teacher of the Week! This is my second year at Chavez and it is a great place to work and learn. I love teaching in a partnership with Laurie Turner. Teaching math and science to my 4th graders is great fun and I love the "AHA!" moments. Away from school I enjoy spending time with family, reading, arts and crafts.

Students of the Week

Kindergarten--Mrs. Gipson

Madeline Amaral

Mallory McCreary

1st Grade--Mr. Ramos

Kailyn Pandy

Trinity Dupree-Benn

2nd Grade--Mrs. Wilson

Abigail Cunningham

Kaitlyn Synatschk

3rd Grade--Mrs. Tschudy

Dallin Tilton

Bethany Holguin

4th Grade--Mrs. Turner

Adrian Vasquez

Queniyah Smith

5th Grade--Mrs. Hammond

Luke Craig

Celeste Montoya

Chavez Dates

May 17--Chavez " Lion King" Musical--7:00pm

May 23--Field Day---3rd-5th

May 24--Field Day--K-2

May 25--4th grade RTI Field Trip

May 26--3rd grade--Economics Fair

May 26--LEISD--Special Olympics

May 27- Weather Make-Up Day-No School

May 31--Rocket Day--5th Grade

June 1--Awards Assembly

June 2- Early Release Day