Electric hybrid cars


2015 Toyota Prius

For 2015, the Persona Series special edition model returns, painted red or white with a singular wheel end, and supported the favored Prius 3 trim level.

Model Lineup:

There area unit many members of the overarching Toyota Prius family, as well as the Prius c, the Prius v, the Prius Plug-In, and also the Prius. Here, we have a tendency to area unit discussing the Prius and also the Prius Plug-In models, every a 5-door hatchback that greatly dislikes the style of gas. you can visit Ghank electric hybrid car .

The Prius is obtainable in numerical trim levels referred to as 2, Three, Four, and Five, and a special-edition Persona Series model is obtainable as a version of the Prius 3. The Prius Plug-In model is on the market in customary and Advanced levels of trim.

Engines and Transmissions:

In the customary Prius, a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder ICE is paired with an electrical motor, a nickel-metal binary compound battery pack, a unendingly variable transmission, and a regenerative braking system to get a combined total of 134 H.P.. The drivetrain offers a selection between traditional, Eco, Power, and work unit driving modes, the latter permitting the Prius to travel regarding one mile on electricity alone, as long as speeds stay below twenty five mph. The regenerative braking system recharges the car’s battery pack.

Get a Prius Plug-In, and Toyota swaps in a very additional powerful four.4 kWh lithium-ion battery that provides the automobile AN work unit vary of regarding eleven miles at accelerates to sixty two mph. once work unit vary is depleted, the Prius Plug-In works a bit like a typical Prius model. To recharge the battery, the owner plugs the automobile in to a social unit electric outlet and waits regarding 3 hours. For quicker recharging, a 240-volt outlet cuts that point in [*fr1].

Fuel Economy Ratings:

In combined driving, the quality Prius is rated to urge fifty mpg, per the EPA. The Prius Plug-In matches that once the battery reaches its minimum state of charge. once used initial as an electrical vehicle and so as a hybrid vehicle, the Prius Plug-In achieves a ninety five MPGe rating.

Safety Ratings:

According to the NHTSA, the 2015 Prius earns AN overall crash-test rating of four stars. The Insurance Institute for road Safety (IIHS) assigns the favored hybrid a additional favorable rating, giving the Prius a “Top Safety Pick” designation.

Technology Highlights:

Aside from the Prius model’s hybrid drivetrain technologies, Toyota provides many technologies for its most fuel-efficient vehicle. well-nigh the Prius 2 area unit equipped with a typical navigation system and Entune App Suite technology, the latter pairing with a smartphone for dashboard access to the Bing computer programme, Facebook, net radio, your music library, and varied knowledge services.

Additionally, the Prius is obtainable with a solar-powered roof panel that circulates cabin air to stay the inside cooler whereas the automobile is place. Get a Prius Plug-In and you’ll be able to remotely activate the climate system via your smartphone so as to heat or cool the cabin before driving. Toyota additionally offers a radio detection and ranging control system, a pre-collision system, a Lane Keep Assist system, and crystal rectifier headlights for the top-of-the-line versions of the Prius.