Names : Yarden Lev,Yuval Cohen,Royi Cohen


language - Hebrew.

currency- Shekel.

Religion-Jews,Christians and Muslims.

Borders- Syria,Lebanon,Gaza,Egypt,Jorden


אנו מכריזים בזאת

Part 2

1)The "Air Force of Israel Army is one of the strongest units in the world.

2) Israelwas established in 1948.

3) Jerusalem is the capital city of israel.

4) Many inventions is developed by israeli people.

5)The western wall is one of the most tourist places in the world.

6) In 1995, Igal Amir killed The prime minister of Israel Yitzhak Rabin.

7)Israel is a very small country sorounded by Arab countries.


ROYI'S Reflection-I learnt that Israel is an interesting country and beautiful country.

I like to read about the history of Israel.

Yuval's reflection- I learned many interesting facts that I didn't know before.

I liked to write about Israel because it was the most interesting part in the project and I learned many new interesting facts about iIsrael.

Yarden's reflection- I learned that israel is a tiny country but there are many intersting places and facts.I liked to write about ithe facts. This country is the best place to the project Israel is a tiny country but there are many facts to learn.