The 3 Colonies

by; Clarissa Rodriguez

About the England Colonies

The England Colonies had long winters and rocky soil, which did not let them use farming as a major resource. So instead, the colonists in New England Colonies made use of the abundant amount of timber available, sold lumber, and became shipbuilders. They marketed fish and whales. The economic activity that the colonists did was that they would build stuff with lumber because they couldn't grow a lot of crops due to the long winters. Many people settled here because they had access to fish and whales which would help them market and earn a lot of money. They built boats out of lumber which also helped many to sell and earn money.

The Southern Colonies

The Southern Colonies include Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. The economic activities that they do in the Southern Colonies are that they grow corn, rice, and tobacco. You would need warm climate and fertile soil just like the Southern Colonies have, in order to do all of this and grow plants. I think people would want to move to the Southern Colonies because it's a good place to grow plants which mean more food and better resources like, indigo if they ever need to use that and they also have naval stores and animals like pigs which also means more food.

The Middle Colonies

The Middle Colonies include New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. The economic activities that they do in the Middle Colonies are that they grow wheat and they have timber to build houses. In the Middle Colonies they have short winters and had fertile soil. I think people would want to move to the Middle Colonies because they have a lot of animals such as, cattle, fish, furs, pigs, and sheep all for food and use full stuff like milk.

The 3 Colonies