Space Research VS World Poverty

We take a look at space research and world poverty

We take a look at wether we should be spending money on space reserch or world poverty. We've talked to a handful of people with an opion on both subjects!

My opinion

I personally think that we should be spending more money on space research because even though there is people suffering, in space or on another planet there could be resources that are cheap to mine and bring them back to earth. With those resources we could be building houses or other buildings for the people who are suffering.


Overall both subjects are major problem in today's society. As you know I am for space research over helping world poverty. World poverty is a massive problem but I'm not really against it. but I have decided to go with space research because in our world today everybody wants answers. And if we stop developing technology, our world we live in today won't cope as well as normal. If you don't believe me, huge companies like apple, will go out of business just making the same product just in a different colour. They'll go out of business because technology won't move forward and they won't be able to make new products, making them, again, go out of business.