Multimedia Designer

Dulce Valdez

Multimedia Designers Career

  • Job Description:Multimedia Designers are graphic designers who create designs and special effects for electronic media for example web pages,television ads,computer games and films.
  • Requirements:The requirement for this job is someone with relevant diplomas and relevant,creative skills. Here are some of the relevant diplomas.
  • Advertising and marketing communications
  • Animation
  • Art/fine art
  • Communication design
  • Digital media engineering
  • Media arts
  • Multimedia systems/web engineering
  • Photography
  • Visual communication and design.

  • Potential Salary and Benefits:The pay for salary varies with the employer,location and the business. The salary can rise with the persons experience,responsibility, or supply and demand.
  • Working Condition: Work hours for media designers is usually from 9am to 5pm but it varies. These employers are mainly in cities and towns and freelance workers can work from home.