Invisible Populations of the World

By. Richard B.

What does it mean to be invisible?

What is invisibility?

Well, when you first think of invisibility, you might thing of a person that you can't see or that is gone from the eye. This can be the definition of invisibility, but being invisible is deeper than that, and it is more common than you might think. Invisibility is people or groups of people that are not 'seen' to the rest of the world. They are either ignored or not noticed by others. Some people fear them, but most people don't understand how many people are truly invisible.

The Homeless Population

Everyone has seen, or come in contact with a homeless person. Whether it be on the street, or passing by them in your car, homeless people are very much in the world, and are very much invisible. Homeless adults, and their children, aren't noticed as much as people that have homes. According to NEWSELA, "One in 30 children is homeless" (paragraph #1). This shows that child homelessness is at a pretty high rate, and for every child, there is usually two parents that are homeless with them. "Fifty-one percent of kids without a permanent home are under age 6. About 25 percent of homeless preschoolers and 40 percent of homeless school-age kids have mental health conditions, and kids without homes are more likely to be beaten," said Barbara Duffield from the NEWSELA article (paragraph #15). This demonstrates that many people, and children are homeless, and many people just turn away and walk right past them. Homeless people make up a large percent of the population, and they are invisible to that very same population.

Many people are afraid, and fear the homeless population. Certain homeless people give them reason to, but the majority of the homeless people have good hearts. In a video done by JoshPalerLin, a YouTuber, Josh gives a homeless man 100 dollars. Josh and the cameraman follow the man, and see that he goes into a liquor store, only to come out with food for other homeless people in the park. It demonstrates that many people can have superstition about homeless people, but most of it is false.

How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100?

"Invisible" by Hunter Hayes

In this song, Hunter Hayes, a singer/songwriter says, "For outcasts and rebels, Or anyone who just dares to be different, And you've been trying for so long, To find out where your place is, But in their narrow minds, There's no room for anyone who dares to do something different." These lyrics show that the person described in the video, tries to fit in, but people won't except them because they are different. This isn't directed at a certain person, but a people. These people are the invisible population that is not excepted and noticed by other people. Within the song, he also talks about people making others outcasts because they are different or they don't understand. They ranks themselves above others, and the people they place below them feel left out, unwanted, and/or invisible.
Hunter Hayes - "Invisible" [Official Music Video]

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