Life Cycle of a Star


Before a star is born:Interstellar medium

Interstellar Medium is the matter that exist in the space between the star system.

Interstellar Medium is mostly made from Interstellar Gas by 99% and is also made from Dust by 1%.

Interstellar is a metrical inbetween stars.

First stage of a star's life cycle

The first stage of a stars life cycle is made from certain elements:Iron,Oxygen, and Nitrogen.

This stage is called the birth stage.

Birth stars are born huge but collapse under the pressure of gravity.

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Equilibrium is Extablished

A stage of Physical Balance.

Force and Gravity.

Gravity and Magnetic Forces.

Centripetal Force Requirement

Centripetal Forces

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Birth of a Star

After equilibrium is established, a certain nuclear process begins.

Equilibrium is a state is which opposing forces or influences are balanced.

The condition existing when a chemical reaction and it's reverse reaction proceed at equal. rates.