April 21, 2017 // April 24, 2017


Registration is Live!

Registration for VanCon is now LIVE on Eventbrite! If you're planning to attend, please be sure to let us know on the registration page. More specifics about the event will continue to be sent out as we get closer!

Where: GaTech Hotel & Conference Center

When: Friday, June 9 from 7:45-3:30

Remember, you get paid AND fed!

Vanguard 2017-2018: Transfers, Exits or Stepping Down from Vanguard

If you have a CONFIRMED transfer, you will be leaving Fulton County, for any reason, OR you have decided to step down from the Vanguard team for the 2017-2018 school year, please complete the following form as soon as possible.

We want to start understanding what positions will be available in the schools next year.

Please do not complete the form unless you have officially confirmed your transfer or exit.


Don't forget that we have Nearpod district licenses for all Vanguard members! We are in the process of renewing our agreement with Nearpod and will (hopefully) soon have access to the complete content library for everyone!

If you are not regularly using Nearpod, please try to start investigating ways you might be able to incorporate it into your classroom. If we don't use it, we may lose it, and we don't want that to happen.

If you're unsure about where to start, take a look at the self-paced "course" Megan Endicott and I designed last year. It should get you started in the right direction. More training and resources will be forthcoming.

Need an Off-Contract Event?

Have you led/held/presented at a school PD and are still missing an off-contract event?

If you'd like one of those activities considered for your off-contract event, please e-mail me the following pieces of information.

- What was the event?

- Where and when was it held?

- How many individuals attended or were affected by the event?

- How did this event incorporate instructional technology or personalized learning?

Please be sure to send/attach any artifacts, photos, etc. from the event.

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TIM Tech Tips

This is the same video from last week's VanWeekly. If you DID NOT yet watch it, please do so soon. It is only 3 min. 29 sec.

This video is recommended/encouraged for ALL Vanguard members, regardless of cohort!

TIM Tech Tips - New Observation Features

PERSONAL PD: #fcsvanguard Chat


Meggan Ford, Johns Creek HS METI, hosted a Twitter Chat about Gamification!! If you weren't able to participate in the chat, be sure to read through the transcript.

Need to Fulfill Your #fcsvanguard Chat Requirement?

If you haven't had an opportunity to fulfill your Twitter chat requirement yet, you'll want to do so soon!

Are you unable to chat on Thursday nights? Go back to the #fcsvanguard feed and answer the questions on your own time! Send HEATHER an email to let her know to go back and find them.

Class Notebook Updates!!

1. Parent or guardian access to Class Notebooks. Includes read-only links to both private student notebooks and the Content Library. These links are generated by the teacher and sent manually. When clicking a link, it open the web version of OneNote read-only for parents or guardians

2. APIs to allow 3rd party parent portals and LMSes/SISes to automatically generate link to allow parents to have access to their child's Class Notebook content

3. Permissions in the Collaboration Space to allow teachers to assign specific students permissions to specific sections in the collaboration space. Great for project based learning and related scenarios

4. The ability for a teacher to delete student content when removing permissions from a Class Notebook

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Flipgrid Feedback!

Our friends at Flipgrid have seen a tremendous spike in usage in the Atlanta area following the Bear Creek RLC. So they wanna know some of the ways you've been able to use Flipgrid with your students and the impact it's had on student voice. Use the grid below to share your Flipgrid Impact.

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EdCamp Fulton on April 29th!

If you still need your off-contract time and are looking for some low-pressure learning, attend EdCamp Fulton: Powered by Vanguard when it arrives at Bear Creek MS on Saturday, April 29th! If you're able to attend the event, be sure to RSVP!

For more information, read here.

School Support for Office 365: Class Notebook, Sway, Mix, & More

In taking notice of all the amazing work being done in the county around technology in education, Microsoft has assigned a Microsoft in Education ambassador for Fulton. Our ambassador, Aja Kweliona, is here to offer support in anyway you or your school may need with Office 365. Whether you or others at your school have questions or concerns, need one more person to help facilitate a training or PD, or just want someone there for "office hours" for people who want to drop in for additional support, please do not hesitate to reach out to her. You can reach her at or 646.287-5378.

Diffusion Simulation Game

To help us prepare for VanCon, we'd love for you to play the Diffusion Simulation Game designed to help you determine steps for getting teachers to adopt an innovation.

Full instructions are found on the main page, so be sure to read them carefully. Let's see how many adopters you can get! When you finish the game, be sure to download and save your game log.

If you think you've been truly successful at getting folks to adopt your innovation, send your game log to Heather. Vanguard will have a prize for the person with the highest number of adopters!!

Diffusion Simulation Game

You'll need to create an account the first time you play!

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Vanguard Files: 2016-2017

Find all coaching plans, Vanguard expectations and commitment form, Vanguard logos, and team information.

About Us

Our mission as a Vanguard team is to build the capacity of FCS educators and leaders to provide innovative instruction which meets the needs, skills and interests of all students.