Edgenuity Math Class

Here are some tips for you!


Are you confused by the overall and actual grade? Which ones is for real?

The ACTUAL grade is what you will receive as a final grade at this point.

If you are on pace then the two grades are the same. Work on your pacing until the two grades are the same.

Every morning 8-9 AM, I am available in my classroom!

Come in and say hello! Ask a few questions! Or stay awhile and we can go over your quizzes and tests. I can share my screen and you can see what I'm looking at. It's pretty cool. Mrs. Strickland's Math Class

If you can't access Blackboard, I have another even easier tool I can use to share my laptop screen. It's called Screenleap!

I hope to see you soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still have time to finish? YES! But you must do lots of work everyday.

Anything is possible for those who take massive ACTION!


Slow, Calm, Soothing Instrumental - Easy Listening, Study, Relax Music - relaxdaily N°060 by relaxdaily
Quadratic Formula Pop Goes the Weasel
hypotenuse song- right triangles- pythagorean theorem-geometry

Use Technology

If you are stuck and don't understand something, just go to youtube or google and search for the topic. Look for a song or something catchy that grabs your attention. There are so many resources available with a few clicks of a button! Here are a few to show you.