Animal Talents

You wish you could do them!

Elephants, Kangaroos, and Bloodhound

Ever notice an elephants long trunk? It has a purpose other than looking cool. Elephants use their trunks as hands. They pick things up, move them, or put them into their mouth! Can you lick your nose? Well an elephant can, it's trunk is also it's nose, and they can carry water in their trunk and spray it. What an amazing talent!

Have you seen a kangaroo jump? They are great jumpers, they have a long tail perfect for a powerful leap. Thier legs and tails are very muscualar, they can jump up to ten feet! Kangaroos are often social, so they live in groups.

Have you heard of a bloodhound? It's a large droopy dog, very gentle. It's known for it's scent, they have one of the most powerful noses! They can treack scents that we can't even smell.

Top 5 Most Talented Animals of 2012