Girl Scout Troop 363

Meetings every Wednesday @ Hilltop Methodist Church 6-7 PM

Whole Troop News

  • Next Meeting: February 10
  • This week's meeting will be focused on World Thinking Day and the theme of "Connect". This is a world wide celebration by Girl Scouts and Girl Guides. We hope to have some fun activities - and maybe even connect with girls from another country!
  • Parents - please make sure to sign your scout in and out every night - this helps us know who has done what activities, and to know who is there should something happen. Just a quick initial is all we need! Thank you!

Daisy Doings

Daisy's learned all about dolphins! We even made up our own dolphin language so if you hear your girls whistling and eeking---that is why!

We are going to do a sewing project in a few months and need parents to donate any fabric remnants they may have. We are going to make aprons! Next week is World Thinking Day and the group will be doing a troop-wide activity!

2015- 2016 Daisy Schedule

Feb. 3, 2016 Learn About Dolphins and Whales

Feb. 10, 2016 World Thinking Day (Whole Group)

Feb. 17, 2016 First Aid Training for Girls (Whole Group)

Feb. 24, 2016 Learn about Cheetahs


Marcy 2, 2016 Bling Our Booth (Whole Group)

March 9, 2016 Bling Our Booth (Whole Group)


March 16, 2016 Learn about St. Patrick’s Day

March 23, 2016 Learn About Easter


March 30, 2016 Learn about Peacocks and other flightless birds

April, 6, 2016 Start Sewing Project (Apron)—Girls Must Attend these two weeks to participate or parent will have to arrange to do the part girl missed on their own.

April 13, 2016 Complete Sewing Project (Apron)

WHOLE GROUP: TRIP TO PLANETARIUM via Train Scheduled for Saturday afternoon April 16, 2016.

April 20, 2016 Cooking (In our New Aprons!)

April 27, 2016 OPEN

May 4, 2016 Mother’s Day Gift

May 11, 2016 Plant Flowers at the Church (Scouts starts at 5 p.m. this day)

WHOLE GROUP: FAMILY CAMP OUT May 13 and 14 (location to get determined and each family camps on own)

May 18, 2016 OPEN

May 25, 2016 Last day of Scouts Celebration

June 4, 2016 Seven Peaks Water Park Celebration for Girls who Sell Enough Cookies

Brownie Bustles

We worked together in teams to create things out of foil and pipe cleaners. We focused on using teamwork to build and create. The team decided to start making foil hats and fancy decorations! It was a blast!

Junior Journeys

The Juniors took a little field trip to the near-by Smith's to look at how grocery stores market their products, how stores are set up to get customers buying more groceries, and how they make signs and arrange products to catch your eyes! Ask them why the milk and eggs are always in the back of the store!

We have just one more activity to wrap up a couple of new business badges and to get ready for their cookie booth sales - Good job!!

The girls are learning some great business skills!

Cookie Sales!

Cookie sales can seem like a lot of work, but we can also make it fun! We want the girls to learn about Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills, and Business Ethics. These skills will help them throughout their lives. Together, we can make this learning a positive experience for everyone!

Key Dates:

January 16 to February 7 - Girls take orders

February 27 - Pick up cookies (this is a tentative date, I will have more info later, but plan on trying to pick up cookies that afternoon)

March 11 - March 27 - Booth sales (again, more info as I get it)


Have the girls sell the cookies! (See the video below!)

Check out the Girl Scout webpage for parents and girls for tons of tips for making your cookie season successful:

Remember to have fun and call Lori if you have any questions!

What Grown-Ups Need To Know About Selling Girl Scout Cookies

One Girl Scout can make a difference, but together we can ROCK the world!

Upcoming Activities

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Troop 363

  • If your scout misses a meeting, read this newsletter to find out what she can do to make up the activities at home and still earn her badges!
  • If you have any favorite songs or games you would like to share with our girls, just let us know and we would be happy to have you lead it!