The Governor of the City on a Hill

An Autobiography by John Winthrope

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Hear What Many of the Readers Have to Say:

Anne Hutchinson: "Being informed within the church and agreeing with many of the things John Winthrop had to say, I really enjoyed reading his book and advise everyone to read it!

Roger Williams: "I enjoyed reading Winthrop's book, I too hope for the best in future colonies but I strongly believe in freedom for religion and equal treatment of individuals."

Thomas Hooker: "I loved reading what Winthrop had to say in his book. I hope that everyone reads everything that he has to say to understand the great glory that God is doing in these communities."

William Bradford: "I hope that Winthrop's advice get through to the future colonies I very much enjoyed to hearing what he had to say!"

Honors Component: Book Review

It was truly a pleasure of mine to have read John Winthrop's book. He is an intelligent man full of many wonderful ideas. This book is all about John Winthrop's life and his famous "City on a Hill," speech. In his autobiography he gives us a better understanding of his "City on a Hill," speech and it is persuading enough for everyone to hop on board. This book was intended for the colonists to read, specifically those searching for a place in government in the colonies. The book offers examples from the past and shows what Winthrop's plan can do in order to make a positive change in the future. I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone!