My Favorite Biome


Where is it located?

The Taiga biome is the largest biome in the world. It spreads across a large portion of North America and Eurasia.

What are it's climate conditions?

Winters in the taiga biome are very frigid and consist of only snowfall. Summers in the taiga biome have very humid air, warm temperatures and very rainy weather. Temperatures in the taiga biome are blow freezing for about half of the year. During the winter the temperatures range from -65° to 30° F. During the Summer temperatures range from 20° to 70° F. Spring and Autumn are so short you wouldn't even know they were happening if you were there.

Plants and Animals

There are not many species of animals in the taiga biome due to its harsh cold climate. But some of the animals include, the american black bear, bald eagle, wolverine and river otters. Many other species of birds also migrate to the taiga every year. Some of the plants include many species of fir, white spruce and jack pine. The taiga biome is referred to as the needleleaf forest.