The Amazing

Wilson Elliott

Summer Timeline

My summer was a fun filled one that consisted of many activities and trips. My days were long but lots of fun, and i even got to got to camp this year. I will be brief, the fun filled activities and trips consisted of football every morning at 7:30, all summer long, as well as 3 hour buss rides to football scrimmages. Out of the 3 months of summer, I was able to only get one week off, which i spent going on tours for college. I was even lucky enough to have football practice on my birthday. Great present right. Oh, and the camp I was talking about was a football camp at the school, overnight, all week. We were even lucky enough at this camp to sleep in the nasty, rat filled mini-gym, and shower in the dirty locker rooms. Because of this wonderful, fun filled summer, I was actually happy for school to start.

About Me

I really enjoy extracurricular activities such as school sports or Boy Scouts. School has always been fun for me and I am really excited to be starting my senior year. In school I have always done better in subjects that deal with English or History, but the most fun I have had is in the Science classes. I like to stay busy and hate being bored.

Science Background

I have taken a science class every year since middle school, but I never really experienced it until High School. In High School, my science classes have always been filled with fun experiments and learning that I was glad to have. Except for one science class my freshman year, I can say that these classes are the ones that I have enjoyed the most. I wanted to take Physics mostly because it was what my dad majored in college in for a while and he said it was great. I am a lot like him and I believe that this class will be great as well.