Comment/Conduct Values

Grading in Teams

For a list of the available comments:

When adding comments and conduct values go to:

  1. A Course in the Gradebook

  2. Go to the Report Card tab

  3. In the Filter drop down, select Show Comments

  4. Click in a box in the CM1 column. CM1= Comment 1

  5. Then Click Show Values

  6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 when adding CM2 and CND. CM2= Comment 2, CND= Conduct.

  • If CND is not entered prior to posting and finalized, a conduct grade is not assigned to the student.
  • CND is not applied to Kindergarten. Kindergarten will enter Behavior under Social Studies in the Skillbook.
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Show Values Button

Values for Comment 1 (This is not Conduct), Over 80 values listed in English and Spanish

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Example of Conduct values

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