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Newsletter March 2017

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In this issue:

  • Camosun College Educational Partnership
  • Spring Programs
  • Spring Sponsorship Campaign
  • About Family Business Association Vancouver Island
  • Nanaimo Family Business Stories Photo Gallery
  • Family Business Excellence (FBE) Awards Photo Gallery & Video
  • Meet our New Member
  • Member News
  • Our Ultramarathoners
  • Join a Family Business Advisory (FBA) Team
  • Business Diagnostics Assessment Tool
  • Our Mission & Vision
  • Become a Member
  • Join us on LinkedIn

Camosun College Educational Partnership

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The FBA Board of Directors is pleased to announce a new partnership with

Camosun College to expand our educational programming and resources. Watch for updates as we work to add value to our dynamic program.

Spring Programs Coming Up!

April 3rd, 3:30-5:30 pm - Unlocking your Business Value

no cost, hosted by CIBC

April 27th, 8-10 am - Decision-Making

no cost, hosted by Boldly Reach your Goals

May 11th, 4-6 pm Business-Family Governance

offered by Business Harmonizer

$25 - member price

June 8th, 5-7pm Year-end Social

Celebrating the Role of Family Business in the Economy

Registration open for all events.

Spring Sponsorship Campaign

Each April we run a sponsorship campaign that is central in offering our members an excellent program in our upcoming season (beginning in September). We invite your participation to help us reach our goal of $23.5K.

Here's a look at our Sponsor Recognition Benefits & our Valued Sponsors

for the current season.

Join the team!

Your Leadership Team

The FBA Board of Directors has completed a 2017-2020 Strategic Plan that includes action items in the following areas:

Member Engagement

  • attracting, engaging and keeping members
  • building strong Family Business Advisory (FBA) Teams
  • increasing exposure with educational institutions and professional organizations
  • engaging the nextgens

Valuable Programming

  • creating fresh, shared experiences that build community
  • offering relevant and targeted education based on member needs
  • celebrating our members' accomplishments
  • focusing on inspirational and dynamic speakers and panelists

Meaningful Marketing

  • increasing internal and external exposure
  • promoting niche awareness and community building
  • creating exciting, vibrant and clear messaging that reflects our energy

Following our Strategic Planning, we created a Curriculum Database to have a list of resources to draw from when considering future programs. Members' input for programming ideas is always welcomed - we ARE here to fill you needs. Get in touch with your ideas:

We also did some work on identifying a few patterns in our membership. Did you know that:

  • we currently have 67 members (15 Advisor & 52 Family Members)
  • 72% of members are represented on FBA Teams (28% Advisors & 84% Family)
  • event attendees in the past year has passed the 400 mark
  • we just formed a new FBA Team with seven now operating
  • our membership includes 27 different industries
  • we average an increase of 3 members a year
  • we have members dating back to 1995

Nanaimo Family Business Stories

Thank you panelists & guests for a great event!

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Photo 1 L to R: Panelists Donna Hais (RW Wall Contracting); Ann Marie Clarke (Steve Marshall Ford) & Facilitator: Jenn Bogwald, MNP LLP

Photo 2 L to R: Panelists: Andy Spurling (Proline Management) & Dann Dagg (Hot House Marketing)

Photo 3 L to R: Event Sponsors: Sean McCue (Black Press); Lise MacDonald (Business Examiner); Frank Allen (Frank Allen Financial); Jenn Bogwald (MNP LLP); Joe Christiano (Coastal Community)

Photo 1 L to R: Joshua, Arnold & Ingrid Nesvog (Nesvog Meats)

Photo 2: L to R: Engaged crowd!

Photo 3 L to R: Kevin Gillanders (Royal Bank); John MacDonald (Business Examiner); Ron Sawyer (Royal Bank); Jenna Mayzes (United Floors)

Family Business Excellence (FBE) Awards

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FBA New Member

Welcome Prince of Whales Whale Watching, our new Family Business Member!

Member News

Commercial Building Awards 2016

2016 Ecostar Award

Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce Awards

  • Dan Dagg of Hot House Marketing will be the first recipient of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce Member of the Year Award. Dan receives the recognition for his years of volunteer service on behalf of the chamber and his leadership and commitment to business excellence over the decades.

Hotelier of the Year

  • Mandy Farmer has been named Hotelier of the Year by Hotel Magazine.

Top 10 Law Boutiques in Canada

  • Blair Dwyer of Dwyer Tax Law is pleased to have been included as one of the top ten tax law boutiques in Canada.

Our Ultramarathoners

When you see these guys, shake their hand! Andy Spurling (Proline Management) and Stewart Story (Story Construction) have run four Ultramarathons (50K) and they are planning to run 100K in April. And they look happy!
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Andy Spurling

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Stewart Story

Join a Family Business (FBA) Team

The teams serve as your own mini board of directors, supporting you in your challenges and opportunities as a family business. Members leverage the perspectives of other family businesses, industries and generations.

We encourage all family business member to join an FBA Team. This is their unique opportunity to learn from each other, to work on their family business is a special way and to have the security of confidential discussions in a trusting and inviting environment. Many members of family businesses feel alone and these groups end the isolation because those in the group understand that operating a family business brings its unique challenges.

The experiences from those who have been there on topics like working with the family, managing the business and succession are among the areas discussed.

Call 250-532-2402 or email for more information.

Business Diagnostics Assessment Tool

This is a quick tool to assess your business health. Try it out!

Business Diagnostics Assessment Tool

Family Business Association (FBA) Vancouver Island

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Our Mission

To promote the sustainability and growth of Vancouver Island business families by providing education and support through

community and shared experience.

Our Vision

We are an engaged and supportive community of vibrant Vancouver Island business families and advisors who connect, share ideas and learn from each others’

unique experiences.

Our organization has been providing a community of support to family businesses on Vancouver Island since 1999. We help families in business succeed through shared experience, education and resources. FBAVI is where Canadian business families go to connect, grow and learn for sustainable success across generations.

Newsletter produced by Bernadine Rudichuk, Executive Director.

We welcome your comments and ideas for newsletter articles.

Contact us:

T. 250-532-2402