The Giver

Author: Lowis Lowry, Summary By: Robert Steward


Jonas is a boy who lives in a community where everything is controlled and kept under close observation, there is no choice, conflict, inequality, and injustice in the community. When Jonas attends the yearly ceremonies, this year the Ceremony of Twelve, he will receive his life assignment which was predetermined by the Committee of Elders. Instead though, Jonas was skipped, but later after all the life assignments were given it was announced that Jonas was chosen to be the next Receiver of Memory, a very honorable position. Jonas, the Receiver, now would be trained by The Giver. Jonas, after going through more than year's worth of training, has now received many good, bad, joyful, and painful memories, he now sees color, which previously before receiving the memories he could not see. Jonas also has learned many things from the past which only him and The Giver know about in the community. After learning about climate control, sameness, release, and many of the factors that lead to what his community is today Jonas is furious and sad because he wants to release all the memories he has received from The Giver to all the people in his community. The Giver and Jonas then spend a whole night creating a daring daring plan for Jonas to escape his community under the cover of night. The evening before Jonas' escape, he learns that Gabriel, a small child that has been living with his family and he has been secretly transmitting memories to, will be released the next morning, which in other words means Gabriel will be killed. That night Jonas escapes and takes Gabriel with him, and all night until dawn Jonas travels on his bike the furthest he can get from the community because once the sun comes out search planes with heat detectors will fly out in search for him and Gabriel. Several days pass and no longer are there any search planes trying to find Jonas, now Jonas needs to survive and care for Gabriel on his own.

Jonas... And A Little About Him

Jonas is the main character in The Giver. He is a teenager who recently received his life assignment as The Receiver. He has a sister named Lily, a mom, a dad, but also a new child named Gabriel staying in his dwelling due to growing issues. Jonas is very curious, intelligent, courageous, clever, and has integrity, he faces a lot of challenges though too. A challenge he faced throughout most of this novel is him not being able to share or discuss what he has been doing in his training, this was very difficult for him. Also, a major challenge he faced was successfully escaping the community without being seen/caught, and to make sure he still wasn't caught by the search planes. Lastly, Jonas' training isn't always having to be transmitted with good and joyful memories, he also has to be transmitted painful and bad memories, and some of these memories cause him stress and anger.

Other Important Characters

"Memories are forever.” - Lois Lowry, The Giver

Teacher-Like Questions

  • What was the purpose of Climate Control and Sameness?
  • What really happens when somebody is released from the community?
  • Since the people in the community cannot see color what gadget do the pilots on the search planes use to find people?
  • What was the first memory The Giver transmitted to Jonas? Describe it.
  • What happened to Rosemary 10 years ago?

Overall Rating

My overall rating of this book would be 4 out of 5 stars. I think the novel did not deserve 5 stars because I thought the novel was slow-paced and the events took forever to come. Also there very few exciting events, this novel didn't really keep me on the edge of my seat. The author though, Lowis Lowry, did write this book very well, I liked how descriptive she was. There was also a lot of dialogue and interaction between characters which I like. All i really didn't like about this novel was that it was that there weren't many exciting events.
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