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Israel is located under Lebenon. In Israel they grow citrus fruits. Also about 80% of their population is Jewish. Today their largest cities are Jerusalem Tel Aiu Yafo and Haifa.

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We have found silt, small particles of rich soil, in Israel. We spoke to one of the landowners and he found silt all over his lawn. His wife was soo exited.


A man in Jerusalem dug and dug but what he didn't realize that there was an aquifer below. But when his shovel hit he took out all of the water and used it for himself.


North Israel has a Mediterranean climate. This means that they have hot weather. And also mild winters. About 40 inches of rain fall in north . South Israel has a desert climate. An annual rain fall is less than 1 inch.


Citrus fruits are still Israles major agricultural export. As a result of technology Israles farmers feed not only the country's people-they even export some food to other countries.

Israels people

About 80 percent of Israles 6.7 million are Jews. The other 20 percent belong to an Arab people called Palestinians Most Palestanians are Muslim but some are Christians.