FCI Week At A Glance

April 25-May 1

ISTEP Information

Operational: Tuesday, April 28th - Monday, May 4th - 2-hour delay schedule
Google Drive link to ISTEP info: https://drive.google.com/a/hse.k12.in.us/folderview?id=0B-ebfJE4uXbHfkhCZ1o4ZTZRWjBSMWF1bzduS25hVXEzUTZxOUhRMXZwLUNyT3k2WGQtMjA&usp=sharing

Safe Schools Survey - open until Monday, 4/27


Note that RtI should continue through at least May 22nd. This includes both tier 2 during the school day and tier 3 after school. Documentation should also continue through 5/22 as well.

At your team meetings on 5/7-8, you will need to bring each student's Tier 2_3 Documentation form completed with up-to-date data points. (http://intranet/sites/FCI/Documents%20and%20Forms/RtI/Tier%202_3%20Documentation%20Form.doc) We will be making any last minute RtI tweaks to prepare for best placement next year, passing information on to students' new schools as appropriate.

******* Food for Thought.... *******

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*** From Previous WAG (current) ***


Please always encourage students to use a 'safe' internet search such as Google Kids (http://www.safesearchkids.com/google/) or the ones located on the FCI Library Media Center link (http://www.hse.k12.in.us/FCI/library/) instead of opening searching up directly to Google. Please always make sure to be diligent monitoring student searching/researching online as well as ensuring the constant drip of appropriate searching is occurring.

Classroom monitoring

This is a reminder that classrooms should have teacher coverage at all times. Should an 'emergency' situation arise, contact a colleague near you to assist or contact someone in the office to intervene. On the rare occasion that you need an additional copy made, please call the office and, if available, send a student with what needs copied so someone may assist. Otherwise, please be sure to utilize prep period as well as time before and after school to have items prepared for class. This is a situation that is not only about behavior but more importantly safety.

**The real bottom line is to be vigilant when monitoring students throughout the day whether in your classroom, recess, or hallways.

SFS update and post-observation reminders

  • If you haven't had your final observation, look for Randy and Kim to be out sometime in the next two weeks before ISTEP begins.
  • After your extended observation is shared with you via email from SFS, be sure to note the Staff/Evaluator Conference Date and Time, generally scheduled during your prep. If that date/time doesn't work for you, please let your evaluator know.
  • Upload your HSE TER Reflection document to SFS as an artifact prior to post-observation discussion. If you have already had your discussion, please still upload the document to SFS as soon as possible.
  • Reminder: The HSE TER Reflection document was sent on to you 1/5 with that week's Week at a Glance notification. Please remember to be specific in the details listed in the Reflection document. It will be used a basis for the conversation as well as indicators for domains 1 and 3 on your evaluation.

*** The most recent FALCON FLYER ***

What's Happenin' at the Creek!

Saturday, April 25th, 2015


Monday, April 27th, 2015, Rot. I-1


2:45-3:45pm - FCI Connect

2:45-4:00pm - Track 5th Grade Practice

2:50-3:50pm - Rocket Club

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015 Rot. I-2



2:45-4:00pm - Track 6th Grade Practice

2:50-3:45pm - Fit Falcons

2:50-3:50pm - Rocket Club

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015 Rot. I-3


7:15-7:45am - Student Council

2:45-4:00pm - Track 5th Grade Relay Team Only

2:50-5:30pm - Engineering for Kids

2:50-3:45pm - Falcon THON meeting

2:50-3:45pm - Fit Falcons

2:50-3:50pm - Rocket Club

Thursday, April 30th, 2015 Rot. I-4



2:45-4:00pm - Track 6th Grade Relay Practice Only

2:50-3:50pm - Rocket Club

Friday, May 1st, 2015 Rot. I-5