By: Josh Norberg

Welcome to Sweden!

Welcome to Sweden, the 55th largest country in the world. Sweden has a lot of culture and spirit. From the flag they fly, to the sports they play, Sweds take pride in their country. Read on to learn more about Sweden.

Sweden Facts

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Swedish Flag

This is the flag of Sweden. It is Royal Blue with a Yellow Scandinavian cross on the left side. It represents Christianity, even though most of Sweden is Lutheran.

Geography of Sweden

Stockholm, located in the southeast of the country, is the capital of Sweden. Sweden is in Northern Europe, and Norway, Denmark, and the Baltic Sea cover most of Sweden's boarders. There are many lakes and rivers, like Lake Vanum and Lake Votten. Some of the northern section is in the Arctic Circle. In the Northwest, the Scandinavian Mountains take up most of the space. Some major landmarks are the Turning Torso in Malmo, and the Stockholm Palace.

Sweden's Government

The type of government that Sweden has is a democratic constitutional monarchy. The leaders of the government are King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden (left) and Prime Minister Stefan Lovren. The Prime Minister is decided by the people's vote.

Economy of Sweden

Sweden is a fairly rich country having 579.7 billion Swedish Krona in their GDP. They mainly supply and export machinery.The average life expectancy of a Swed is about 82 years old. The literacy rate of Swedish people is at about 99%, second highest only to their neighbors, Norway.

Culture Facts

The Swedish wear normal clothes, only they are more warm because it is colder there than in the States. Most people speak Swedish. 87% of Swedes are Lutheran. Their specialty dish is Swedish Meatballs shown here. ---------------->


It is normally warm in Sweden (around 46 degrees to 72 degrees Fahrenheit) all year long. Normally, there is about 20 to 31 inches of rain per year. It is very nice weather all year round.

Swedish History

2 of the many important times in Sweden are when the Constitution was signed in 1975, and when Sweden joined the European Union in 1995. These were very crucial to the history of Sweden.

Comparing Sweden and the U.S.


Swedish people speak Swedish, while Americans speak English (as you probably know).

Similarities: Both are Latin based and are both SVO languages.

Differences: Swedish has 3 more vowels than English and sometimes some words that are plural in English are not in Swedish.


Swedish: Ice Hockey and Football (Soccer)

American: American Football and Baseball

Similarities: There are many atheetes in both countries and soccer is popular in both countries.

Differences: There is minimal baseball in Sweden and there is more hockey there than here.