Knock Down

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Supporting The Trees

Deforestation, the cutting down of timber. Timber/wood/trees produces oxygen and provide homes for people and wildlife. Making extinction of animals decrease, venting the soil to erode. Which turns productive land into a nonproductive desert. Desertification affecting wild speceies, domestic animals, agriculture crops, and people. The drought of the land and erratic rains preventing the production of crops also conflict. Not being able to grow crops to eat, famine, creating hungry.

Non~Profited Resources

  • Clear, cutting of forests must be banned/ illegal logging.
  • Cutting must be replaced by planting young trees to replace the older ones.
  • Consumers, businesses, and governments can all support sustainable forest managment.

The After Effects

But first let me tell you forest play a major role in the carbon and water cycles that makes life possible. If we fix the problem of deforestion first it could shorten the lack of desertification and desertification causing water scarcity and famine. If we take them down so fast, a lot of timber at one time cause the soil to dry up and spread so if we keep trees over it as a capmony to cover it, the soil won't go any where.