Aniceto Molina (El Tigre Sabanero)

By: Paige Hodges

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Life Span

(1922 -2012 )


Molina is originally from the town of El Camapano, he is a Colombian Cumbia singer and accordionist who began his musical career at the age of 12. Molina's career lasted more than four decades. He is popular among Latin American countries, especially El Salvador. Molina and his group were called "Los Sabaneros."

Aniceto Molina performed for more than 4 decades and had 46 record productions. At the age of 18 Molina created a musical group called "Molina and his ensemble."Later Molina and his ensemble went to Cartagena to try their luck.1. There he recorded his first song wihch was later heard by the national level in 1969. 2.After the year of 1973 Molina and his Ensemble's fate took them to Mexico City. Molina lived there for more than ten years, 3.then he emigrated to the United States in 1984. Molina then lived in San Antonio, Texas.4. In 2008 Molina was awarded 4 awards in Los Angeles. 5.In 2009 Molinas 47 rcord was released.

Aniceto Molina is originally from Colmbia

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Map of Columbia were Molina is from
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Flag of Columbia


And people dance to my dedication

When they hear the chirping of my notes

-Aniceto Molina

Songs By Aniceto

  • La Campanera
  • El Cuiniqui
  • Ana Luara
  • Don Goyo
  • Tu No Me Le Das
  • Nuvia

Released on February 12,2012

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