Highly Capable Class

Come Ready to Challenge Yourself!

Goal of STEAM

Wallace and Priscilla Stevenson’s 4th-6th grade STEAM class for highly capable students will encourage creativity by presenting students with a problem or challenge that has many potential avenues. Students will contemplate, design, build, and later explain a solution that complies with specifications. For example, in one project students will design, build, and test bridges that they construct from balsa wood. Guided by the engineering process, students will evaluate where their bridges failed and redesign them to be stronger. Students will generate original designs using the engineering design process.

The goal of STEAM is to foster a learning environment in which students are guided to produce original ideas, objects, and structures according to certain specifications using concepts and skills from Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Students will be immersed in hands-on inquiry and open-ended exploration.

Our STEAM class adopts a nontraditional approach: All teacher-led class discussions regarding concepts and skills will occur near the completion of a unit. Throughout a project, students will be given time to explore strategies for modifying and improving their original ideas. Students will be guided to discover which concepts and skills are relevant and how they can incorporate this information into the project. Decisions about solutions will be student generated in collaborative groups.

Two classes: 4th/5th & 6th

4th and 5th grade students meet every Monday and Tuesday during Enrichment. The 6th grade meet every Thursday and Friday. Back to Back days give students time to continue on with their projects from the day before.

Bridge Busters

Students are studying shapes and structures in our 4th/5th grade class. They constructed straw bridges and are now working on building their first balsa wood bridge. As students break their bridge, they will examine where the bridge failed and redesign their bridge to make it stronger.