Watching too much t.v.

PMT: Dangerous Myth

Myth #1. Watching t.v. makes you less intelligent

The truth of the matter is, watching a lot of t.v. does not make you less intelligent. About 30 years ago, t.v. would make you less intelligent. But now, today television shows would actually make you think of what is going on the show. It helps out with your brain to try and keep up with what you're watching. Some shows may sound ridiculous, but the fact is every show is going to have to make you keep up with it. With that, watching t.v. does not usually make you less intelligent.

Myth #2. Watching too much t.v. up close makes you lose eye sight

This myth has been around for a very long time. At one point of the television era, this was true. It was true because, back in the days t.v. had emmited x-rays which, in large doses, are a dangerous form of high radiation. Today's television no longer produce any dangerous forms or radiation and pose no threat to our eyes. So you could sit any where you want to make you feel comfortable and there is no way you can lose your eyesight.


Shawn Le