Riley, Spencer, and Evan


  • They occur by the oceans.They are locatioed in Oregon.They are locatioed in New york,Main,New Jersey, washington ,Florida ,Hawaii, California, New hamstery, connectiut, vigja, pilsva.They are locatided in northcoira ,suothcaira alabama,texas,gegaia, and missippissi.
  • They hit by the oceans. They are locicned by misspey. They are locoaed in golf of mexco.


  • hurricans begin as a thopeicel storm in waters near the equqtor.They form togeather and tighter circle. the storm grows. Hurricanes are the largest storms on earth.
  • The winds in hurricane can go 155 mph or more.


  • It looks like a huge disks of clouds.It also looks like a tornado but bigger.It looks like a white donat.
  • It feels waterea.It sounds like a head of buffloes.It also sounds like a rocket ship when it takes off.


  • There are tv warnings.There are also raido warnings.There are also phone warnings.
  • stay in our basement.Sit by no windows.Cover up with a blanect and have food and water.
  • Never stand outside.If you do you will get hurt or die.Never drive a car at a hurricane.
  • Dealier than a torndo a hurricane. Devestating huirrcane katrina was't americas most in the uined stats.It also the secornd category 5 with winds greater than 155 mph hurricanes in the united states in 2005.