African Wild Dog

Lycaon pictus

African Wild Dog

The African Wild Dog is only found in Africa. They have spots all over their body. They weigh about 60 pounds and stand about 30 in tall. They lack claws on their forelimbs, and are the only candids to have that. They are also the only candids to only have four toes per foot. Their coloring allows them to blend in well with the savannah environment that they live in. They live in packs, and they can mate during anytime of the year, however, they usually mate during the one or two month mating season.

Interactions in Environment

Food Source and Extinction

African wild dogs generally eat medium sized animals such as impalas, gazelles, and wildebeest calves. They are generally a tertiary consumer and are killed by lions and hyenas for territory and occasionally as food. They use a lot of teamwork to take down larger prey such as ostriches, zebras, and warthogs. These animals are going extinct due to habitat loss and poaching. Their habitat is being used for housing, and they are very territorial animals and often fight back and are killed, or they are forced into small quarters with other animals like lions. They also are poached due to the fact it is easy to find many of them together because they live in packs.


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