Technology Class in Sixth Grade

By: Jadyn Wenner

About This Flyer

In this flyer, I will be explaining to you the units we will be doing in Technology Class in Sixth Grade. I will give you some insight to what the unit will be about, and what is expected to be accomplished. Also, I will include some helpful tips and hints to help you throughout the units in Technology class.

The Typing Web Unit

When you first get to Technology class, you will start working on the Typing Web unit. During this unit, you will be creating an account (if you do not already have one) on the Typing Web website, also known as Learn to Type, and will start the Intermediate
Course. By the end of the semester, you will be expected to complete all the lessons in the Intermediate Course. A helpful tip for this unit is to keep your fingers on the Home Row! It really helps because you have to coordinate your fingers to hit each key, and keeping your fingers on the Home Row helps you remember the patterns for each letter. I enjoyed this unit because it strengthened my typing skills very well.

The Coding Unit

While you are working on the Typing Web unit, you will start the Coding unit on During this unit you will be learning the basics of code, how to program characters to move using blocks of code, and some activities to do to help you learn more about the concepts coding that are not on the computer, but paper and pencil. You go through many different stages and levels, and you are expected, by the end of the first quarter, to have stages six and seven completed to get a three as a grade, and stages eight and nine to get a four. My tip for this unit is to try to find more ways around a problem to solve it. You may think you can only solve it one way, but there is always more than one way to solve a problem!

The Career Locker Unit

After you are finished with the Typing Web and Coding unit, you will start a unit called "Career Locker". One of our school counselors, Mrs. Vandenboogaard, joins you in the classroom for five days, and teaches you the importance of having a job, going to a good college, and having a career plan. With a career plan you have to figure out what college you will go to, the tuition, and if there are discounts on tuition (for example, if you went in the army, you would get a discount on your tuition). Also, a career plan would be finding out what job you would like to go to college for, and what degree you would like to earn. My tip for this unit is to think of what career plan you would like to take, and find out how that will help you succeed in the future.

The Haiku Deck Unit

Right after you are done with the Career Locker unit, you will start on the Haiku Deck unit. Like Microsoft PowerPoint, Haiku Deck is a slide presentation maker, in which you are allowed to choose a photo for the background for your slides, and add a title and text to them. You will be making a Haiku Deck about your dream job, and how you will get that job. This includes what college you plan to go to, what the tuition is, what degree you plan to earn, why you want that job, as well as some facts about the job. Your presentation needs to be at least ten slides long. You will present your findings to the class on designated presentation days. My tip for this unit is to put all your information into your own words when you place it into your presentation (it is required). I didn't do that and I had to redo my whole presentation!

The iTrailer Unit

During this unit, you will be expected to create an iTrailer using the iMovie app on your school iPad. iMovie is a type of presentation maker, in which you can create movies and movie-style trailers using photos, videos, and text. Since there isn't enough time to allow you to create a full iMovie, you will be expected to create an iTrailer for this unit. iMovie allows you to choose from templates for your trailers, and you are allowed to choose any template you would like to create your trailer. You are allowed to make your iTrailer about anything you would like, but, you are not allowed to use any images from the internet. I made my iMovie about my dog, Midnight, and my hamster, Lorenzo, going on an adventure in our living room to find Christmas magic. A tip for this unit is to make all your videos and photos clear and visible, which will allow you to get a better grade.

The Explain Everything Unit

The Explain Everything unit will follow the iTrailer unit. If you do not know already, Explain Everything is a whiteboard app in which you are allowed to create slides and draw, type, and record a presentation on them. Your presentation will have to be explaining how to solve your choice of a simple math equation given by Mrs. Myers. Your presentation is expected to be at least two slides long, recorded, and submitted to Schoology. You are not allowed to write with a stylus for the whole problem, but you are allowed to write numbers and labels with it. I suggest, for this unit, to make sure your voice is loud and clear, and that your presentation is organized step-by-step.