Romeo & Juliet Presentation

by: kaitlyn nelson

TPFASTT For You Fill up my Sences

T- I predict that the song is a love song about how a guy feels about a girl

P- I love you alot and I don't want you to go. I want to be with you forever

F-"You fill up my senses like a night in the forest" "lIke a walk in the rain" "like a sleepy blue ocean"

A- In love, Romantic Tone

S- There is no shift

T- I was correct on my prediction

T- Its saying how he feels for a girl and how much she means

Short Answer

This song mirrors Romeo and Juliet in many ways. For instance this song shows how Romeo feels for Juliet. I think that it is really percise discription of how he thinks of her. From the song they say " I want to die in your arms" that is what Romeo wants to do, and does. This heart felt song accuratley describes Romeo and Juliets Feelings for each other.

You Fill Up My Senses By: John Denver

You Fill Up My Senses W/ Lyrics

My Song

From now to until I die, My love will always stay, Even though our parents tell us to stay away, From the moment I first saw you, I knew I couldn't obey, I had to say "I do" on our Wedding Day, Your love is like water, I need it every day, I will always return the love, with out any delay.

My Song's Short Answer

My song discribes the relationship between Romeo and juliet. It expresses how they feel about each other. when the song says "I wanted to say  I Do on our wedding day" it accuratley shows what happend in the play