Gone to Texas yet?

Land for Sale!! Come Now!!!!!

Why aren't you in Texas yet?!?!?

Come on, hurry up!! An acre is only $1,000. I'll give you 1 FREE acre if you buy 5. If you want to live freely, have a new home, get away from your enemies, or just for fun, you have to come get some land. Some of our benefits are: living more comfortably, safe from criminals, and a close community. If you haven't seen the Gone To Texas (GTT) trend you must be living under a rock, so pack up and proudly put a GTT sign on your door. Look below for details.

Information Worth Knowing

Rules, Requirements and More.

An acre is only $1,000. Foreigners must present certificates from the religious authorities to prove their membership of the Roman Catholic Church. To come you must have proof of good character, no criminals or unmannered people will be allowed. No slave traders can come, but slaves are allowed, the children of the slave will have freedom when they turn 14. If the owner of the slaves dies, one-tenth of his slaves will be freed, unless a slave had killed his master. No one can settle within one league of the coast, or twenty leagues of the national boundary unless given any special permission. Trading with Indians is also not allowed. Agricultural workers and people with mechanical skills are especially welcomed. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE!!!