The endless battle against tyranny

The constitution will protect you from that nasty tyranny.

Seperation of powers

- Seperation of powers is when you divide the powers between different people/things so that one person does not have all the power. You might be thinking how you do this, well sit tight and enjoy the ride of the constitution.

- The big brainer James Madison came up with this Fabulous idea. He thought that since the power should be shared, there should be 3 types of branches that have equal power. One of the branches is the judicial branch which explains the laws, then comes the executive branch which enforces the laws and then comes the Legislative branch which makes the laws, or thinks of the laws.

How this helps guard against tyranny?

The brilliant thinker James Madison and the other represantatives thought that if 1 person had too much power than he could practically make himself like God so they wanted prevent that from happening and seperated the power

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Checks and balances

Checks and balances shows that each branch has a limited amount of power. They do this because they do not want a branch to have more power, such as if the president is not doing what he is supposed to do, than the judicial branch can call the president unconstitutional.

How this helps guard against tyranny?

Since each branch has a balanced amount of power

than one branch cannot take over the other 3 branches.

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-The national government controls the main things such as print money, declare war, establish post offices, make treaties, etc.

-The state government issue licenses, conduct elections, establish local governments, etc.

- Both types of government share powers such as collect taxes, establish courts, etc.

-The federal government is seprated into 3 branches, legislative, judicial, executive

How this helps guard against tyranny?

This helps guard against tyranny so that one type of government does not have all the power.

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Big States vs Small States

-The number of represenatatives that each state got was determined by their amount of population such as Virginia, it was so big that it had more represantatives than the small states.

-Many of the big states had more represantatives because they had more population, 1 represantative was determined by every 30,000 people.

-This is also known as the great compromise

How this helps guard aganist tyranny?

The great compromise helped guard agiant tyranny so that big states did not take control of the small states.

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