Slavery In Another Perspective

A deeper look into slavery

The Auction

December 16,1860

Dear Sue,

I cant take much more of this family's getting separated brothers and sisters loosing each other,just because of the color of our skin. Or as the whites would call us slaves or negroes. I'm at my first auction with a bunch of family's getting auctioned off. There were about three people in front of me. The clouds moved over the sun to where it became as dark as the night sky. The wind blew gently onto my face. There was a quick moment of silence while the next slave came up. Lots of people were giving up loads of there money just for slaves. And finally the most rudest cruelest of all the masters bought this slave.Master Elijah. I felt so bad for her as he grabbed her by the arm grinned and walked away with her still in the grasp of his hand. My turn was next my hands began to shake,and suddenly I felt light headed. I didn't want to have another master all of the pain from the beatings have been enough for me,I wanted to run away,I wanted to be free from slavery and beatings. But i didn't i knew that is I ran I would get the most horrible punishment of my life and I just simply cannot go through that again. I step up onto a stool my knees began to shake and i felt shivers go up my spine, this was one of the worst feelings in my life. The auction began to start everyone looked at me like they were really nice people but in my head I knew they were terrible people. The auction started off at two-hundred dollars and everyone stood up. In my head I knew I was priceless and that no one could ever buy me or any body else because we are all human beings. But thats not what the whites think, they think that just because we have different skin colors than them that they have the right and power to control us. I personally think that blacks deserve more than what we get. I know that if whites were treated like blacks then they would treat everyone with respect to, but thats not how it works. The highest amount of money was getting passed along here three-hundred four-hundred five-hundred dollars just for me. You would think that I am happy I am worth so much money but really I'm really not because no white human being is worth money but a black human is. I finally got sold to this master who looked nice but I wouldn't count on it. The masters name was Joe. I am so nerves that I wont like this master but I guess blacks deserve what blacks deserve.

Interview With The One And Only Frederick Douglas

My interview with Frederick Douglass

This is what I asked Frederick Douglass when I interviewed him.

Mikaela: So Frederick,do you have any other relatives on the same plantation you were born on like any brothers or sisters aunts uncles grandmas grandpas?

Frederick: Yes, I had a grandmother who took care of me on the plantation I was sold to.

M: How did you feel when your Mistress helped you read and write, why?

F: I felt a shocked because not most whites would help the slaves read or write because they could read on a way of how to escape, but this mistress was nice enough to help until the owner found out about it, then I had to start leaning to read and write in secret because the master would have punished me for disobeying him.

M: So Frederick, what happened in your childhood that you would never ever forget and why?

F: I loved to read books often on my free time and I never played with the other children because, I was alone and just wanted to read my books and I was the only slave on my plantation that could read and reading was interesting, I will never forget that day because I was the only slave that stood up to the slave breaker because I was sick and tired of getting mistreated by him and i wasn't going to stand for it again.

M: Thank you Frederick, so why did you choose to disguise yourself as a sailor, why not anything else?

F: Well i disguised myself as a sailor because, my master took me to my first job and it was to work as a ship builder but there were uniforms there and I knew my master couldn't stop me from leaving because he wasn't there so that was my chance I dressed up as a sailor and I ran to the train I told myself to calm down and take a deep breath because I was disguised as a free slave who worked as a sailor. Thats when the train inductor walked bye and asked me for my paper work to show I was a free slave I was nervous but didn't show it. I told him that I didn't carry my paper work to sea with me incase something happened to it, thats when he asked me if I had something to show i was a free slave and I reached into my pocket and pulled out an badge with an eagle on it to show I worked for the ship. He took the badge without even looking at it carefully because it wasn't mine and I was worried and i safely made it to free grounds even though I wasn't actually free.

M: Frederick weren't you worried about someone catching you why or why not?

F: Well Mikaela, as I explained in my last sentence I was scared that I was going to get caught but I didn't explain that I knew I had god to trust and I knew god was with me

M: When you went to Ireland weren't you worried they had slaves why or why not?

F: I was not worried because I have read in a book back then that if i escaped to Ireland that I would be a free slave IF I had no master.

M: Why did you choose to write books about your life?

F: Because, I felt that people should know that you shouldn't be held under your will, and that you should fight and not stop fighting until you have your freedom.

M: How do you think that your books effected others lives?

F: I think that my books made a difference in others lives because it tells the story, of my terrible experiences being a slave and going through my terrible beatings and chores.

M: Frederick, how do you think your life effected others emotions and feelings towards each other?

F: I think that my life helped family's closer together and look at each other in a different way because you never know when you can loose a family member.

M: Thank you Frederick that's all we have time for today thank you for coming and sharing these stories with us.

F: My pleaser thank you for having me and I would be happy coming back anytime.

Harriet Tubman information

Harriet Tubman was born in Maryland in the year of 1822. Harriet Tubman had one kid named Gertie Davis and one husband named John Tubman. Harriet Tubman freed about 300 slaves . Harriet Tubman was a famous underground railroader. Harriet Tubman got hit with a two pound weight when she was twelve and she was diagnosed with narcolepsy a rare sleeping disorder that causes people to sleep more often than a normal human is supposed to. Harriet still succeeded goals throughout her lifetime and Harriet accomplished slave escapes and then she grew old and died. But in my opinion Harriet Tubman will never be forgotten.

The final days

March 8,1862

Dear family,

I've made it I've finally made it onto the Monitor after

all that time waiting. Its my first night on the boat, and the people here are already saying there is going to be war with the sturdy ship that goes by the name of the Merrimack I am worried as of what is going to happen.

Franklin Buchanan the sailor of the Merrimack went onto

shore with several other confederate other confr