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Dán Amháin (Haiku)

Atom's glow is with us

Radioactive Glowing Mushroom Cloud

Nuclear Fallout

Dán Dhá (Luimneach)

You must be the repairman named Lou

Who could eat raccoons with some stew

I don't know if I'll stay

You can come anyway

Then we'll eat the raccoons, there's just 2.

Dán Trí (Concrete)

Radiation Flows through the cloud

Flowing in it's shroud

It may fall soon

Soon friend

It will all be over and the cloud will fall

Dán Ceathair

Falling bombs

Destruction of Atom

The radiation... The dust

Before painful mutation, The Ruined DNA

Completely ruined

Dán Cúig

Reefs grow!

Waves grow like warm captains.

Where is the lively tuna?

The sun rises like golden fish