noahs math project


mobius strip

try to paint one side of a mobius strip hard right.


symmetry is were something is exactly the same on both sides.

symmetry example



probability is the likeness of something happening for example. Getting a true or false question right has a 50 50 % chance of happening.


equation... if you get broccoli for dinner its a 1-10% chance you will eat it. if you get it the next day it will a 1-100% chance you will eat it. if you get broccoli the day after that it will be a 1-1,000% chance you will eat it.

fibonacci sequence

1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144...


time is extremely important here is a time problem. how many seconds are in a hour 3,600 seconds in a is a nother problem if i went to my friends house at 5:00 and came home at 7:30 how long was i at my friends house. answer 2 hours 30 minutes.
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extra math problem

there are 123 ponies each have 4 legs how many legs are there all together. warning this equation is so magical you might look like this when your done. answer 492
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fraction example this will be quick

example 5/9+3/9=8/9 see that wasnt long.

math stuff

200%100x 5-5x13+14=79

last math problem



tessellation is when something exactly the same repeats this picture is a tessellation.
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