Freak the Mighty

Don't judge others

Book title

Freak and Max go to school and get put in the same classes. They get made fun of at first and then Freak gets on Max's shoulders and he starts chanting "Freak the Mighty Freak the Mighty" then everyone starts chanting it. Freak the Mighty started because they wanted to stand up for them selves. Also they wanted to feel powerful. Together they become Freak the Mighty.

Man vs. society

Society judges Max's dad because of his behavior and because he is in jail. Max was in all the special ed. classes. When Freak helps Max get into the regular classes all the kids chant "Killer Kane, Killer Kane, had a kid who got no brain" when he can't answer a question. People judge him because he does't answer the questions in class but when the teacher asks him the questions alone he can answer them. Also they found out that he really can read so society is judging Max when he really is smart.

Main Characters

Freak vs. Max

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  • Freak is very short.
  • Very smart.
  • Not shy to speak his mind
  • Stands up to blade.


  • Tall bigger boy.
  • Doesn't show that he is smart.
  • Shy very unsocial.
  • Doesn't stand up to blade.
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