Colombus Day- Jeopordized Holiday?

Daphne Martin, US History, Hoffman

The Big Debate

Christopher Colombus was an explorer who some say "discovered America." Among this, thousands of Tainos indians were killed, and the blame had been shifted many times for who's fault it was.

The question is, "Should we keep Colombus Day?" I think that we should end Colombus' discovery as a holiday because although it may be an important historical event, we don't acknowledge it as much as Easter, Christmas, or even Thanksgiving. To be completely honest, I wouldn't even be aware of the holiday if my teachers never brought it up. Being Native American, I also think it was Colombus' fault for why the Tainos' were killed.

Opposing Side

Yes, the decision to keep or get rid of Colombus Day would cause a lot of chaos and personal opinions. I think it's a pointless holiday, but it's been marked on the calander as a day to be celebrated for many years. There's really no point in taking it away now when we haven't bothered to do anything about it in the past.

Also, a lot of people might really admire the holiday. To them, they think, "What if Colombus never made his discovery- would I still be where I am today?" I still think that America would've been discovered, but there are what-ifs to every action.


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