February 2016, Connecting you to what you need to know

SEL presented, School-Based Professional Development Opportunity


Understanding consultation, push-in, pull-out, and self-contained (LRE-C) services.

If your staff finds themselves unclear about what should be taking place in and out of the classroom as it relates to providing Special Education Instructional Support, this is the training for you.

We will be:

  • Clarifying what consultation service should look like.
  • Defining what the roles of both the general and special educators should be in a push-in model (Confronting the myth that push-in is co-teaching)
  • Describing what pull-out support should look like.
  • Clarifying what instruction in the LRE-C classroom should look like.
  • Providing clarity around the grading process.

This is a 45 minute presentation for both general and special educators, that can be provided during team meetings, collaborative planning, and staff meetings, during or after school.

If you are interested in having me present this training to your staff, please contact me at:

My Upcomming Visits to Your Schools

Intervention Inventory

In an effort to ensure that all schools have appropriate Interventions for students with special needs, I will be visiting schools over the next several weeks to assist with locating Intervention materials.


  • Each Special Education teacher should have complete kits of appropriate Math and Literacy Interventions for their students.

  • Any student who is receiving Pull-Out service hours should be receiving an intervention during this time (e.g. Do the Math, Fundations, LLI, Spire, etc.)

Collaborative Planning

In order to work with teachers to ensure that meaningful collaboration is taking place, I will be attending at least one Collaborative Planning session a month per grade/grade band throughout the remainder of the school.

The Look Fors:

  • Data discussion protocol that allows teachers to identify root causes, record student groups, identify strategies, discuss follow up process.

  • Lesson planning with evidence of data analysis.

Attend a Strategy Sharing Session presented by one of your colleagues.

Topic: Collecting, Analyzing, and Using Data to Drive Instructional Decisions

She will share her strategies for:

  • Identifying Monitoring tools
  • Administering the Assessments
  • Analyzing the data to inform instructional decisions
  • Organizing and storing information in order to track progress.

She will demonstrate her methods by using the Do the Math Intervention Program.

When: Wednesday, February 24th

Time: 3:45 to 4:30

Where: Hilton Elementary School

3301 Carlisle Ave. Baltimore, Maryland


Julene King is a Special Education teacher at Hilton Elementary School. She teaches an LRE-C class of 15 students in grades 3, 4, and 5. She has taught for 20 years and has been a Special Educator for 8 years. She is excited to share her strategies with her colleagues for ensuring that Data is collected and used to make informed instructional decisions.

This will be her first presentation of this magnitude. She would appreciate your support and professional feedback.

If you are interested in attending please register here:


Location: Robert W. Coleman Elementary School

Address: 2400 Windsor Ave, Baltimore, MD 21216
Date: February 10, 2016
Time: 3:00 - 4:30 p.m.

Special Educators who have not had an opportunity to participate in the initial Do the Math intervention training, will learn about the different components of the program in addition to strategies for effective implementation.

Please register at this link:

Calling All Experts

Do you have an area of particular strength that you might be willing to share with colleagues. Your strength might be one of the following:

  • A successful strategy you are using to move student achievement.
  • Intervention technique
  • Data collection
  • Increasing student engagement
  • Methods for applying the Cycles of Professional Learning (Routine Writing)
  • Strategies used in co-teaching
  • Collaboration

As I visit classrooms, I see remarkable teaching and am certain that your colleagues would benefit greatly from having an opportunity to learn how they can incorporate your successes in their classrooms.

KUDOS to Julene King, a teacher at Hilton Elementary, for getting the ball rolling. If you are interested in presenting, or inviting teachers to observe your instruction, contact me at: We can work together to put a plan together.

Kathy's Corner

IEP Chair Monthly Training: February 17, 2016

Where: PDC (2500 E Northern Parway, 21214

Time:8:30am – 3:30pm


1) ESY decisions must be made by 3/1.

2) ALL amendments require approval from Education Specialist-please email Kathy Stump when you need to make an amendment and wait for a response as to approval/next steps.

3) PARCC - Reminder for students with Verbatim Reading - there needs to be an Appendix-D uploaded in MDOIEP for students with this accommodation - please pay special attention to those students in third grade.

CLN 1 Special Education Support Contact Information

Sharon Pinckney, Special Education Liaison (Instruction)

Kathy L. Stump, Education Specialist (IEP Development)