Technology and Self-Regulation

Supporting Student With Differing Abilities

Why Technology Matters

Through emerging technologies (EM), ALL students within DPCDSB will have the opportunity to use the appropriate tools to support academic achievement and further develop learning skills. Teachers have the ability to customize student centred programs that reflect the unique needs and talents of each individual learner. Through the use of technology and gaps in learning are met, students may become less passive participants in their learning and become more active and engaged within their classrooms. As students achieve their voice in their learning, frustration levels decrease as personal needs are met and self-regulation may become more achievable.

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Assistive Technology Programs Available in DPCDSB

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Differentiating Learning and Assessment Tools

Technology provides high-quality, ongoing feedback to teachers and students that can help guide the learning process. Digital learning assists students with differing abilities to self-regulate behaviour through sensory supports, calming techniques and thinking strategies.

Sensory supports:

  • may include the use of visual schedules, sensory apps and individualized programming that can be supported through iOS devices, online tools and assistive technology programs

Calming Techniques:

  • Immediate access to preferred material
  • Assists student with the expression of personal needs

  • Enjoyment and motivation to use device

  • Ease anxiety (use of personal visual schedules, social narratives)

  • Assistance during transitions

Thinking Strategies:

  • AT provides all students with a voice and a means of communication

  • Alternative methods to select tools that make sense for the learning of each student

  • Students with communication needs will be actively able to participate in class discussions through digital opportunities (blogging, screen chats, video responses)

  • Students may develop creative problem solving skills and mental flexibility by maintaining a role within their inclusive setting community through peer interaction

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