Guess Who Is Turning 60!

But shhhh... It's a surprise!

Let's get together for cake and welcome Sue to senior citizen-hood!

It's short notice but if you can make it, we (and she) would LOVE to see you there! It's an informal, surprise get together at Keith and Liz's house in Howell. We'll have beer, wine, cake and a few hors d'oeuvres. Please reply right away to let me know if you plan to come! And remember, it's a surprise!

Sue's 60th Birthday

Saturday, Dec. 20th, 5pm

1420 Villa View Ln

Howell, MI

The story we're telling her is that Keith and Liz are inviting her over for cake -- just the two of them. Keith and Liz live at the end of a street with a cul de sac out front, but if we all park there it will be a dead giveaway. If the weather is reasonable, let's all park our cars in the street a few houses down from Keith's. We can do the sort of "Surprise!" heart attack thing that people do on TV all the time. Let's all try to show up right at 5:00 and then we'll have her come over at 5:15.