20 facts about Shakespeare

by: Samantha Molina and Alyssa Garcia

20 facts:

  1. In 1594 Romeo and Juliet was performed.
  2. William Shakespeare was born on in 1564
  3. William Shakespeare has seven siblings
  4. William Shakespeare's mother name is Mary Arden
  5. William Shakespeare married an older woman
  6. William Shakespeare's father name is John Shakespeare
  7. John and Arden got married in 1557
  8. William Shakespeare's daughter name is Susanna
  9. William Shakespeare wife name is Anne
  10. William Shakespeare was Baptized in April 26, 1564
  11. Joan lived to her adult hood and the others didn't
  12. William Shakespeare was the third child
  13. Mary inherited her fathers land
  14. Went to King New Grammar school
  15. Bard is berried at the the holy trinity church
  16. Sonnets we're published in 1609
  17. Bard lived with his father
  18. Bard grew up in Henley Street
  19. William left his family for twenty years
  20. William came back for lent and then left again