January Faculty Meeting

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Adjunct Job Responsibilities

Many of you have already seen the job responsibilities for the Adjunct Instructor position. However, with our recent move from Optimal Resume to the Blackboard ePortfolio for Instructors, we want to assure that a signed copy of the job responsibilities is uploaded into your Blackboard ePortfolio.

Please take a moment to review, download & sign the ADJUNCT responsibilities, click here.

Full-Time Faculty job responsibilities - click here.

Faculty Administrator job responsibilities - click here.

Now that you have read and signed the job responsibilities document, we hope that you recognize how important it is to meet our students where they are educationally and provide a strong presence in the classroom. Being active in your course(s) shows that YOU care and will support your students when needed.

Ensure you sign, date, & upload your responsibilities document to your ePortfolio.


After reading and reviewing the responsibilities, please download, electronically sign, save to your computer and then upload them into your ePortfolio in Blackboard, under the 6th page - Professional Documents. Once you have uploaded the responsibilities to your ePortfolio, please send a new external link of your ePortfolio to on.PDD@bryantstratton.edu, in order to receive credit for this meeting.

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Instructor Resource Manual

Often instructors have questions that are commonly asked, pertaining to Blackboard or the end of session processes that we all must adhere to. We’ve designed a one-stop-shop that houses all basic “how-to functions” in Blackboard and policies and processes that our Instructors use most often. You can locate this manual by clicking on the Faculty Information Center button, which is in Blackboard, in every course that you teach. It will also be linked on the next slide of this Learning Module.

If you have any questions or concerns with this manual or your course, please reach out to your Program Manager.


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