Zamora's Monthly Tidbits

September Focus


It is such a joy to see all the smiling faces of not only the students at Hebron Valley, but of the teachers and staff as well. I decided to start a monthly newsletter to share some ideas on helping students in your classes. I will also send the tidbit of the week for a quick tidbit to share. As you know we are currently in the middle of testing. We are also trying to get into many of your classes to assist in any way needed. After our LPAC next week, I will begin to start scheduling lessons in classrooms. I will send out emails after our LPAC to set those up for anyone interested. We enjoyed meeting with many of your teams to discuss the current ELL and monitored students that you do have. Again, our door is always open. Please feel free to contact me at anytime.

SIOP Tidbits

SIOP stands for Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol. It is a research-based and validated instructional model that has proven effective in addressing the academic needs of English learners throughout the United States. It consists of eight interrelated components.

1. Lesson Preparation

2. Building Background

3. Comprehensible Input

4. Strategies

5. Interaction

6. Practice/ Application

7. Lesson Delivery

8. Review and Assessment

Each month, I will be focusing on one component and share more in depth Ideas on each. If you would like more ideas ahead of time, I would be happy to help.

Parent Engagement

Ideas on how teachers can effectively partner with parents:

I love to see all the SUPERSTAR work the kids create here at HVE. There are wonderful examples of thinking maps and foldables. I would like to spotlight a few here. I may be taking pictures of your awesome walls and posting them here.

I posted a web page above of some awesome ideas on the foldable Queen, Dinah Zike's website.

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